The BISC Ambassadorship program provides global outreach to prospective Brown students.

The program is designed to: help increase awareness about the Brown University experience, and help to increase the representation of international students, especially underrepresented international students, on campus.  With a very diverse group of ambassadors from around the world, we have the unique ability to reach out to students and schools.

Who do we work with? We work closely with the admissions office to present a comprehensive image of Brown. In locations where our admission department lacks a presence, we present information typically given by admission officers that contains the added value of coming from a current student. In places and schools where our admission office already has a presence, BISC Ambassadors share valuable first hand experiences and information to complement what is already shared in formal admission officer sessions.

What about accepted students? Following acceptances in the Spring, we connect with accepted students to answer any questions or provide insight into the Brown experience through Skype video calls and emails. By establishing relationships with schools and students around the world, we hope to increase international applications and matriculations.

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