Projects & Ventures

BISC Projects focuses on supporting passionate students interested in pursuing independent ventures, from early stage start-ups to international research. This initiative enables undergraduate students to explore their potential by providing them with mentorship, resources, grants and a platform to showcase their work.


Here are some of the past projects: 

fiction for kids

Your story. Our words. 

Founders: Alexandra Wong, Paige Morgan

Fiction for Kids is a nonprofit organization working to bring joy to children through creative writing. Our dedicated team of high school and undergraduate students collaborate to write, illustrate, and edit stories for donation to pediatric patients and foster children.

Their story: We have always written stories. We started as a group of middle school girls: one month before each impending birthday, we worked together to craft a world where the birthday girl could be the heroine of her own tale. Now, we want to write your story. Dedicated to you.



Career opportunities and resources for data scientists in Brazil.

Founders: Julia Wu '17, Anthony Cruz '18

Context: There is a shortage of data science professionals that could reach 380,000 in 2018 (globally). Data professionals received the most searches on LinkedIn (Brazil). HR challenges with finding and vetting data science professionals in Financial Institutions, Retail, Agriculture, Food & Beverages, and more. 

How it works: Data professionals sign up on the Fermi webpage free of charge, and get access to a constantly updated knowledge base and set of resources. Fermi matches candidates with hiring partners according to their needs and interests. An interview request is made to the candidate, who chooses whether to accept

Finalists at HackBrazil, a hackathon organized by Harvard & MIT (1 in 20 selected out of 400 applications).

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A Case Study on Immigrant Adolescents in the French Public School System

Education Studies Honors Thesis

Student: Katya Barret

Research sites: Collège Raoul Dufy and ADOS Community Center

Central Research Questions:

  1. What do recently arrived immigrant youth and their teachers view as the major strengths and challenges of the French school system?
  2. How do national policies about immigrant education fit with or contradict individual’s experiences on the ground?
  3. How can looking at the endeavor of immigrant education more holistically indicate a path to a more equitable future?

Key Findings:

  1. Youth of all backgrounds and language abilities have the capacity to make essential contributions to conversations about educational systems and their functioning
  2. French schools often reflect and thus perpetuate the broader societal divisions they claim to want to combat
  3. Immigrant students and their teachers can use this isolation and autonomy to build solidarity and create a learning environment that is more responsive to student needs
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